Hi all old and new Molosser-fans.
MolosserWorld was taken down some years ago for a rebuild to a more modern design.
In the meantime Facebook became huge in sharing information.
I did make and run Molosserworld all on my own, with some help in information and pictures from helpful enthusiasts all over the world.
But changes in my personal life meant that I no longer has all the time to use at my websites that I used to have. Because making and running MolosserWorld is very time consuming, very!

So, this means that if MolosserWorld ever is going to the web again I can not do it alone, I have to make my priorities straight!

Du you want to be a part of rebuilding MolosserWorld, has ideas or suggestions, and maybe get your name forever carved into the history of the molossers? Let's make huge things together!
Contact me at kaare@kakon.no

Best wishes, Kaare Konradsen


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